Top 8 Ways To Gain Weight Fast Naturally!

1. The Magic Fruit –Banana

Yes! Heard us right! This common fruit that you’ll find very easily everywhere can actually help you to put on weight. Bananas are loaded with calories and essential proteins. Bananas also contain a rich amount of potassium and carbohydrates that will not just increase your stamina, but also helps to add some kilos to your body. Banana is also believed to boost up the appetite according to Ayurveda. Besides the best part here being it is very cost-effective and easy to consume. So, if you are tired of trying out and experimenting with many weight gain products, you should be looking for bananas!

Simple Ways of Consuming Bananas

  • You can crush the bananas and add them to your daily milk with some sugar. Drinking this everyday morning for at least 3 weeks will surely increase your weight by some kilos.
  • The next alternative could be delicious banana juice. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to drink a fresh banana juice after a tiring day? Just cut the banana into small pieces and grind it well with milk and some water. You can honey to this mixture and even sugar if you want to. Top the banana juice with dry fruits like cashew and dry grapes. And voila! Your delicious banana juice is ready! The dry fruits you add are also rich in protein and doing this on a regular basis will show you amazing results!
  • The most simple way is to eat raw bananas without adding anything extra to it. As soon as you wake up from your bed, eat 2 bananas every day. You will be amazed at the results.

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