Booty Foods!

WE WOMEN DO A lot to look good on the outside. We pluck our eyebrows, color our hair, get our bikini lines in order, and slather on skin creams and makeup. But when it comes to the inside, many of us let ourselves go. We put crap in our bodies and let them deteriorate through lack of use.

I’ll use the analogy of a car engine to explain what I’m talking about. Put sugar in the gas tank and you’ll crack the engine. By contrast, put high-octane gas in the tank and your car will run better and longer the car. The human body is the same: the higher the quality of fuel you ingest, the longer you’ll be able to run without costly maintenance and the longer it’ll be before you break down for good. On the highway of life, you want to zip along like a well-tuned Ferrari, running on quality fuel.

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