Create Gravity Defying Glutes With 6 Great Butt Growing Exercises

If you’re looking to pump up a small behind, there are only four letters that you need to know: BOSU.

Put simply, a BOSU — which stands for “both sides up” or “both sides utilized” is a half exercise ball with a platform on the bottom, designed to keep the user off balance. Standard exercises, like squats and lunges, become more difficult since the body has to not only perform the exercise but also fight to remain stable throughout the movement.

You’re dynamical your center of gravity with every part of the reps. As you step onto the dome, there’s additional tension in your front leg, thus you’re emphasizing your front quad additional. and since your front foot is elevated, the glutes in your rear leg higher activated, too.

Following a program that targets the tough-to-tone areas of the glutes while increasing core stabilization — like this plan— will better your chances of achieving the look you want. Do it two or three times a week using 10- to 15-pound dumbbells; as you progress, increase your resistance to continue seeing changes. Go Next Page to see the first exercise!

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