6 Amazing Ab Exercises For Women!

This is a quick ab workout that totally toasts your core! Focus on the correct form above all else. Rest if you need to if fatigued muscles begin to compromise your form, but then get right back into it. This incorporates mostly bodyweight moves, so it’s the perfect workout to do at home, on holiday, or anywhere where you don’t have access to gym equipment.

Who doesn’t love to throw a little more ab work on to their daily routine? Whether you are buying into society’s somewhat misplaced obsession with six-pack abs or you are just trying to get your core stronger, to protect your back, improve trunk stability, and move to more advanced exercises.

This quick core routine will hit your abdominals, lower back, obliques as well as a whole host of smaller muscles that you probably won’t recognize. This routine does not have a warm-up or cool-down included with it so it can easily be added onto the end of another video or workout.

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It is also intense enough that if you add your own warm-up and cool down this can easily be a standalone routine on a medium to light day, or a second workout of the day if you are doing a more intense two-a-day program.

Each exercise is only done for one set and is not repeated.  However, you can always do this routine multiple times in a row to create a more challenging workout. Just remember to add your own warm-up and cool down. Go Next Page to see the first exercise!