How To Build A Booty Busting Workout With These 12 Exercises

The first benefit of strong, well-trained glutes is obvious – they look good. But there are many other reasons why you should ensure glute exercises feature in your workouts.

The glutes play a key role in keeping your body aligned correctly, which helps you avoid injuries, and provide the power for many movements. If your day-to-day involves sitting behind a desk there’s a good chance your glutes aren’t firing as efficiently as they should.

To help you get to work on your glutes we devised this booty workout for you to do in 1, or choose the movements and incorporate them into your own workout.

Naturally, you should warm up before attempting any exercise, but if you’re about to attempt a move that will take you out of your comfort zone it’s crucial to warm up thoroughly because it’s easy to injure your glutes. Go Next Page to see the first exercise!

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