10 The Best Alkaline Foods That Help Balance Body pH !

The alkaline base-forming minerals are associated with a significant and rapid increase in blood and urinary pH and a long-term increase in urinary pH after 1 week of supplementation.

The ingestion of alkaline mineral-rich fruits and vegetables can help offset the acidogenic nutrients that dominate prevailing diets and thereby regulate an optimum and stable acid-base balance.

Conversely, continued reliance on animal protein and other acid-heavy dietary elements without proper supplementation of alkaline foods can raise the acidic content of urine, which is associated with high uric acid levels and cystine stone formation, among other health issues.

Several foods are alkaline in nature and can help properly balance your pH levels to reduce daily ailments and the possibility of certain long-term health risks. There a number of reasons an alkaline diet generously supplied with fruits and vegetables are just what the doctor orders.

By improving the potassium to sodium ratio in the body, alkaline foods can help lower your risk of hypertension and stroke as well as support musculoskeletal health and reduce muscle wasting. Alkaline diets can also be attributed for a spike in intracellular magnesium, which plays an indispensable role in the functioning of several important enzyme systems.

Magnesium is also essential for the activation of vitamin D and helps facilitate vitamin D apocrine/exocrine systems. An alkaline diet also brings in its wake a significant increase in growth hormone, which can engender longstanding benefits in terms of memory and cognition as well as improved cardiovascular health.

Some foods may exhibit acidic properties but end up having an alkalising effect on the body once metabolised. Lemon, for example, is thought to be acidic given its pungent taste and corrosive properties that can erode our tooth enamel.

However, once it’s broken down for energy in the body, lemon leaves the blood alkaline. Thus, certain foods can prove to be quite dichotomous and should not be dismissed as acidic simply on face value as they can “turn” alkaline in the body.

Foods that are Alkaline in Nature

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