10 Best Muscle-Building Shoulder Exercises To Build 3D Shoulders

1. Barbell Push Press

Why it made the list: This press allows you to load up the most weight (or do more reps) above all other overhead pressing moves. It’s considered a bit more of a whole-body movement for developing explosiveness, so you lose some of the isolation effect if you do this same movement seated.

How to:

  • With the barbell atop your upper chest, bend your knees slightly and explode upward on the balls of your feet while pressing the bar overhead.
  • Your lower body, core, delts, triceps, and upper pecs are all involved.


This is considered more of a strength/power movement than a bodybuilding exercise, but building more strength here can help you load up more plates in any number of other lifts. Moreover, doing movements that engage a great deal of muscle mass boost muscle-building hormones better than movements that don’t.

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In your workout: Because this variation uses so many muscle groups, don’t do it every workout. When you do use it, perform it first in your workout, after warming up well.

This isn’t the exercise to do every shoulder training day, but it’s a great choice for increasing strength and power. Go Next page to see more